College is Starting – Here’s What to Do…and Not to Do

Author: Gauri Bhatia, Real Life Stories


So, being a millennial is not all nostalgia, like Beanie Babies and Saved By The Bell. Some of our millennial population is starting (or heading back to) the big bad journey that is…. college!

Come on, kids. We have all been through it (or at least 61% of us according to the White House’s Millennial Report). Here’s a how-to for that first week – with some tips for freshmen, others even applying to veterans. Because after that, you will be settled and having fun!

  • DO: Figure out how long it takes to get to your classes before the first day. You don’t want to find out that the buses don’t run every hour and miss all your classes for the first week. (I’m looking at my cousin Mohil on that one.)
  • DO: Establish a time that you are going to check in with your parents (whether it be daily, or weekly, or monthly, or any combination thereof).
    • They want to hear from you. You want to reassure them that you are alive.
    • Establishing a set time prevents the awkward situation of having to answer the call from Mom and Dad while the background is filled with things you really don’t want them to hear…(Sorry, Mumsy).
  • DO: Try to make friends early. This one’s for you, freshmen. You might not keep the same friends the whole time, but it’s important to start off the year with a good social life.
    • For example, one of my best friends is someone I met on the first day of school because she lived next door. But the rest of the people I met that day, I no longer talk to. But that’s okay!
  • DO: Take this opportunity to take classes in subjects you would never learn about normally: Tango, Cognitive Psychology and Eastern Religions were my “out of the box” choices.
  • DO: Remember that despite all the fun times, you are still there to get an education. Study as hard as you party/have fun. Seriously, don’t be that seventh-year senior. I had a blast in college and still graduated in three and a half years.
  • DO NOT: Panic. College may be the first time you are living away from home. I know it’s scary. But trust me, you will get through it. You may overload the washing machine and end up in a pool of suds; you may use dish soap in the dishwasher and end up…. in a pool of suds; you may accidentally bleach your favorite black shirt…it will all be okay. Not that I did any of these things…
  • DO NOT: Party too hard. Life is not that serious; there will be more opportunities and less hiding in the closet when the cops come. (I swear, Mumsy, it wasn’t me!)
  • DO: Have fun and enjoy (responsibly). When else will you be surrounded by people your own age who are as confused and lost as you? College will be over before you know it and you will look back and miss these days, once you are out in the “real world.”

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