The Reason I Became a Career Coach

Author: Brett Pucino, Career Advice

“DUDE. I was just browsing LinkedIn Jobs and I think I just found my dream job

I got this text from one of my best friends – whom I met during my SUNY Oneonta days -early one morning about six weeks ago.

“Nice! Details?”

I replied instantly. My buddy, who is an accountant, had recently expressed his dissatisfaction with his pay at his current job.

“It’s a global accounting firm with an office in Manhattan. It would be a significant pay increase and it is in the field of accounting I want to work in. I know you’ve been learning the career development field and I really want this job, so I figured I’d pick your brain.”

I felt the sweet rush of validation warm my insides. It is one thing to present your professional self to someone who only knows you through that context. It’s another thing entirely for one of your best friends to trust you as a professional.

I was excited because this was my opportunity to use the breakthrough methodology – the collective career coaching strategies, compiled by my mentor Jay R. Lang, that I’ve been mastering over the last eight months. It was my chance apply the theories. I sent my buddy my advice via text.

“First thing you do is send your application to that job opening. Next, go to the firm’s website and find the highest-ranking decision maker’s e-mail address. Send your resume right to that person and write a passionate e-mail explaining why you’re so excited about the opportunity.”

He took my advice and a couple of days went by. It was a Thursday when I heard back from my buddy.

So…I found the managing partner of the firm’s email address and sent my resume. He emailed me back and said he loved my initiative and that he wants to schedule an interview for Saturday. I can’t believe that strategy worked THAT well!” 

I don’t think I’ve ever felt more proud of any achievement. Personal achievements are nice, but to be able to help someone get closer to achieving his dream was an indescribable new rush.

My buddy nailed the first interview. He got invited back to a second interview, which actually never happened due to the firm wrapping up busy season. He was all set to accept another offer when he got an e-mail back from the managing partner inviting him in for that second interview. He told the partner about the offer he had on the table, and the partner liked him so much that he decided to skip the second interview and offer him a job. All because this partner really valued initiative in his employees.

My buddy now works at the firm and absolutely loves his job. And the feelings and satisfaction I derived from this experience exemplify why I became a career coach.

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