Millennials Have Revamped Dating

Author: Michelle Ioannou, The Dating Game

Do you remember growing up in the ’90s and watching Saved By The Bell and thinking to yourself, “I can’t wait until I’m in high school so I can date like Kelly and Zack?” I distinctly remember watching my favorite shows and getting a glimpse into what dating was like — two people would meet, one asks for the other one’s number, and then a date happens. Little did I know that by the time it was my turn to enter the dating scene this wouldn’t necessarily be the case.

Millennials have revamped dating.

No longer do people meet while out, exchange numbers, and go on a date. Don’t get me wrong, of course it still happens, but it’s not nearly as prevalent as it used to be. Between online dating websites, dating apps and even social media, you don’t even need to be out anymore to meet someone.

In fact, in terms of what I’ve seen at least, being approached at a bar or a club is becoming less and less common. When millennials go out, they stick to their groups. They stick to the people they came with. Not that the practice has become nonexistent, but millennials are just not seeing someone at a bar, and going up to that person to say hi anymore. People aren’t meeting the same ways that they have in the past.

Is this phenomenon a bad thing? Well, that’s up to you.

We’ve come to an age where we don’t even have to leave our couch to meet someone. Why even go out then? We already know that millennials are not frequenting nightclubs as much as those of generations past did. I know that I can vouch for this fact – there’s just less of an appeal. Why are we going to go out, spend more money than we should, feel like crap the next day due to a hangover and wear clothes that aren’t comfy when we can instead lounge on the couch in sweats and still meet someone?

Dating just isn’t the same anymore.

People are meeting online. They’re meeting on apps. They’re meeting on social media. People are messaging and texting with each other before they even go on their first date, and get a feel for each other without even having to go on a date.

Plus, let’s not forget the fact that millennials are getting married at later ages than those of past generations. Of course this fact has an affect on dating – it’s arguably not as necessary as it once was. Millennials starting out in their careers may not even have time to date as they are trying to prove themselves in their respective fields.

Dating is a lot more casual than it once was. If you get a first date that includes dinner and a movie, consider yourself lucky. In fact, if you get a first date that includes anything more than grabbing coffee or grabbing a drink, consider yourself lucky. First dates have become significantly less formal (for the most part, that is).

Millennials are “talking” instead of dating. They hook up. They may go on casual dates here and there. They play around on dating apps to see what’s out there or for a quick fix. They aren’t getting married right out of college like members of past generations did.

Is any of this wrong? Once again, that’s up for you to decide.

We do know that millennials can sustain healthy, long-term relationships. We do know that millennials do date – but they are meeting each other in new ways.

Millennials are revamping the dating scene. I personally am still trying to figure it all out, but until I do, I’ll keep watching reruns of Saved By The Bell to fantasize about what dating once was.

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