The Game of Thrones Concert Experience is Coming

Author: Danny Abriano, Entertainment

Game of Thrones won’t be returning for Season 7 until some point in the summer of 2017, but there will be something to keep fans occupied between now and then.

The Game of Thrones Concert Experience, which will feature an orchestra, choir and imagery from the series that will be displayed on an enormous screen behind the stage, is set to open next February 15 in Kansas City and tour various spots around the United States.

The show will feature the music of Game of Thrones composer Ramin Djawadi.

I already had my mind set on going before I saw the amazing staging for it, though I was a bit skeptical of what the experience would be like. Now, how can any Thrones fan look at the above image and not be pumped?

Thrones executive producers/writers David Benioff and D.B. Weiss released a statement about the Concert Experience:

“The GoT Concert Experience will be unique in the history of concert tours, an eye-popping, ear-splitting, phantasmagoric blend of the show’s visuals and Ramin’s powerful compositions. We are more excited for it than anyone.”

Throughout its first six seasons, the music on Thrones – along with the sharp dialogue, blood, gratuitous sex, and humor from Tyrion – has been one of its staples. The opening sequence, the ominous Rains of Castamere before the Red Wedding episode scarred everyone for life, the Winds of Winter from the last episode of Season 6, the various themes for each house…it’s all insanely good.

And having it come to life in large venues with staging to match seems like something that will be quite special.

Tickets for the shows went on sale on August 13 and there are still lots of tickets available at reasonable prices. Snatch yours up before Winter comes.

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