The Best Use of Snapchat for Business Doesn’t Involve Targeting Millennial Customers

Author: Brett Pucino, Career Advice

No, this isn’t clickbait. I firmly believe that hopping on Snapchat as a business solely because “that’s where the millennials are” is a strategy doomed to fail for most businesses. Most users aren’t interested in ads between snaps or interacting with brands. They’re interested in interacting with people.

I believe the best use of Snapchat for business is for recruitment. Instead of targeting millennial consumers, brands should be targeting millennial talent. Brands should utilize this social medium to sell their company culture rather than to sell their products.

Make millennial employees your brand’s Snapchat advocates
Using social media at work is something generally seen in a negative light. Images of an employee aimlessly browsing Facebook while procrastinating on the day’s work come to mind. When it comes to millennials, images of us making funny faces to activate filters also come to mind. 

There is a difference with Snapchat, though. Brands are offered a way to harness their employees’ urge to use social media at work and turn it into a valuable recruitment tool.

How can a company achieve this goal? Let a different employee take over the company Snapchat account each day for a month. Turn it into a friendly inter-office competition with prizes for whose stories generate the most engagement. In a digital world of impeccable curation, Snapchat offers the most authentic medium for showcasing a day in the life of workers at a given company.

What is accomplished by an employee Snapchat account takeover?
The answer is two-fold. The first answer is that it shows those who view the employee-generated Snaps an inside look at what it’s like to work for a company. Mission statements and manifestos can only tell you so much about a company’s culture. A company’s culture is a product of its current employees – and employee-generated Snapchat stories are an excellent way to showcase said culture.

The second answer is that Snapchat works wonders for employee engagement, especially amongst millennials. Letting employees take over the company’s Snapchat account gives them a sense of ownership in where they work. Instead of bored Snaps from their desks, employees will want to highlight the interesting aspects of what they do.

Is the company you currently work for on Snapchat? Do you think an employee Snapchat account takeover could work at your job? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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