A Rock, a Hard Place, and the Voting Booth in 2016

Author: Alli Jean, Current Events/Politics

How did it come to this? I doubt that this nation has ever been more united in the fact that our choices for the next potential leader of the free world come this November could not be worse.

In a normal election, we would be looking to policy, ideals and for many, a political party to help select the next President of the United States. Instead, we are torn between deciding which of our choices has offended us least… I should say who has offended us least in the last minute. Alas, we find ourselves at a great precipice and the outlook, no matter where we turn, seems grim. So what do we do?

Personally, I am a Bernie Sanders supporter. I am heartbroken that a man of true integrity, honesty and morality was not able to secure his party’s nomination. That being said, I could not be more proud of his accomplishments as a candidate and the fire his movement started in the hearts and minds of Americans across this great nation. But we have to pick Hillary or Trump, so why am I still talking about Bernie?  Because Hillary is now a much better candidate, due to the progressive policies she has now adapted in response to the movement Bernie and his campaign of supporters helped fuel.

Less than a year ago Hillary was strongly opposed to adapting a $15 minimum wage and waiving college tuition at state schools for all qualified students; but, these are just two of the policies that were officially accepted at the DNC. And she knows she has much work to do – not only in terms of appearing more genuine and honest, but she has pledged to advocate for campaign finance reform, work to stop the threat of global warming and abolish disastrous trade policies such as the TPP in the future. All proposals Bernie has caused her to fight for.

Hillary may not have been our ideal candidate, or even close to it. But right now, she is indebted to Bernie’s followers to win their vote. As a result, she will keep fighting for the principles he helped instill within her campaign and the Democratic party as they move toward November.

And speaking of November, let’s talk about Trump…I mean, what can you say about Trump? This man has publicly endorsed white supremacists and dictators including Saddam Hussein and Vladimir Putin. He has insulted nearly every demographic of Americans besides rich, white males and his use of hate speech and propaganda is dividing this country faster than we can comprehend it. He enthusiastically supported waterboarding and other forms of torture to be used on prisoners of war, bashed and insulted American heroes such as John McCain and Commander Humayun Khan, painted Hispanic Americans as thieves and rapists… and joked about sleeping with his daughter.

Just this week Trump called for his political opponent to be executed… in 2016… in America. Remember when building a wall was the most offensive suggestion he’d made to date? I’m almost nostalgic for that Donald Trump.

This roundup exemplifies the seriousness with which we need to make a decision about how to vote in this election. Hillary is competent, has years of political experience and has vowed to bring this nation together to continue to fight for the many challenges we have ahead. She may not have been our first choice and as voters, we should constantly challenge our leaders to better themselves, and we can and should still work to make Hillary a better candidate.

We are faced with a challenge, and if we fail, we’ll have a firsthand view as our great nation falls backwards into the hands of a narcissistic buffoon, with an ego the size of one of his many ominous edifices, built by the foreign workers he so vehemently demoralizes at every opportunity.

Bottom line: no matter who you are, Hillary Clinton will be the candidate she needs to be in order to secure the Presidency and appeal to those who have not yet won her trust. As she has demonstrated through her speech at the 2016 Democratic National Convention, she will listen to the will of the people in order to work for them. Donald Trump never has and never will work or advocate for anyone but himself in order to clear the way for his bombastic, imperialistic tendencies. So together we vote, and learn from 2016 and challenge ourselves to get involved….and maybe next election we’ll find we have better choices.


Disclaimer: The political views presented in this article do not necessarily reflect the views of Not Another Millennial Blog.

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