5 Dating Apps To Use Other Than Tinder

Author: Michelle Ioannou, The Dating Game

Keep on swiping right, don’t worry. I’m not telling you to delete Tinder — trust me, I know as well as the next person how entertaining Tinder can be, and I also know as well as the next person that relationships have started on Tinder.

I’m just here to broaden your horizons, and introduce you to some other dating apps that you may enjoy even more than Tinder.

What makes Happn unique is that it matches you with people whom you cross paths with. That’s right, instead of just inputting a specific mile radius, you’re instead being shown people whom you have actually crossed paths with. Still not understanding? Let’s say you frequent a coffee shop. If you were to go on Happn after this visit, you may find someone who was also at that coffee shop at the same time. Happn shows you exactly where you crossed paths with the other person, as well as how many times you have crossed paths with said person. Once two people like each other, a conversation can start.

Remember when people used to set their friends up? Well, that’s sort of the premise of Hinge, except your friends don’t have to do any work. Hinge connects with your Facebook page to show you other singles on the app whom you have at least one mutual friend with. What makes this app even more unique is that it shows more information than others, such as interests and religion (assuming the other person filled it out in his or her profile). Additionally, once two people like each other, not only can a conversation start, but you’re also able to see the person’s full name. That’s right, you can then go to whomever the mutual friend may be and and ask that friend for the scoop.

Bumble is similar to Tinder, which makes sense as it was created by Whitney Wolfe, Tinder’s cofounder who is no longer with the company. What makes Bumble unique is that once two people match, a conversation can’t just automatically be started – females must make the first move. That’s right, this app is defying traditionalism by having girls initiate. Additionally, once there’s a match, a female only has 24 hours to send a chat and if she doesn’t, the match disappears. In terms of same-sex relationships, this app allows either to send the first chat once there’s a match.

Coffee Meets Bagel
Coffee Meets Bagel is huge on quality versus quantity, meaning there’s a significantly less chance (if there’s even any chance) of you finding an obscene pic or an almost nude that you may find on other apps. Every day, the app sends you a new match. What makes this app even cooler? There’s a “private line.” When you match with someone, you have the ability to send messages to your match via your phone, but without giving the other person your phone number. You have a week of chatting through this private line before you have to decide whether you want to continue this conversation by giving the other person your phone number.

Social Media
People should start considering social media a dating app. Of course, the entire purpose of social media is not to find a significant other like these other apps are; however, relationships have started on social media. In case you missed it, I explored the idea of how social media should be considered a dating app last month. Assuming the message is appropriate, pay attention the next time someone slides into your DMs.

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      1. It was a good site. Kinda thinking all these beautiful men were fake profiles because trust me, there ain’t any guys like they around me unless they are being held in captivity only to be let out for reproduction purposes. Anyway, I joined then later found out you have to pay which I would have, but really there should be a free trial and as I’m off men temporarily I disabled my account instead 🙄


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