7 Things to Buy on Amazon… Besides Books

Adulting, Author: Brett Pucino

I’m not sure if “The Amazon Generation” has ever been used to describe millennials as consumers, but if it hasn’t, then it should be.

Millennials are the first digitally native generation. Since we grew up on the Internet, we take how Amazon revolutionized our purchasing process for granted. We can literally buy anything with one click and have it delivered to our respective doorsteps.

The most commonly purchased items on Amazon are books, but here are seven other items you can purchase on Amazon.

Amazon is perfect for strengthening your DVD collection. You can easily find the hottest new releases-as well as cult classics that you can purchase used for cheap prices.

Car Parts
When one thinks of Amazon, automotive parts don’t come to mind. But Amazon actually has a whole section dedicated to automotive and industrial parts. Head to Amazon next time something goes wrong and see if you can save some money.

Kids Toys
I have three nieces, and I can tell you firsthand that Amazon is a great place to buy kids toys. Those who are diligent can often find what they’re looking for at a better price than they would in the store.

Amazon’s clothing section is divided into subsections for Men’s, Women’s, Girls, Boys and Babies clothes. You can find clothing from a lot of your favorite brands, and for those with Prime, you can be wearing your new outfit in 48 hours.

Computers & Tablets
There are tons of consumers who buy computers and tablets online. People will go to a brick and mortar electronics store to compare models in person, and then ultimately make their purchase on amazon.

Sports Equipment
Amazon is a great place to score deals on sports equipment. As a lefty golfer, I am constantly scouring Amazon for deals on clubs.

Smart Home Technology
I’m sure you’ve all seen commercials for Alexa and Echo, Amazon’s two newest products. They both are among the most intriguing offerings on Amazon-which shows that Amazon is betting big on mass adoption of smart home technology.

Have you bought anything cool recently on Amazon? Let us know in the comment box!

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