Why My Friend is Voting for Hillary Clinton

Author: Alexandra Black, Current Events/Politics

According to NPR, millennials make up 31% of voters in the United States, now matching Baby Boomers. However, with much power comes much responsibility. In this case, getting millennials to go out and vote at the polls, instead of solely posting and sharing on Facebook, seems to be a major challenge.

As much as we love to post articles praising one candidate or slamming the other, most do not know the overall facts of the platforms and future effects of each major party candidate.

With the DNC just finishing up, I was able to interview Corinne Falotico, a 2015 George Washington University graduate who majored in Political Communication. She is very supportive of the Democratic community and a huge advocate for women’s rights.

Q: Do you identify with a specific political party? If so, which one?
A: The Democratic Party.

Q: Which values do you identify with most strongly within your party? Are there any values or aspects that you disagree with?
A: I most identify with helping the poor and other marginalized communities. I’m a pretty staunch Democrat so there isn’t anything I disagree with in the party’s current platform.

Q: Hillary has been in the high-end political sphere longer than most, but why exactly should she be President?
A: I believe she is the most qualified candidate in this election and I feel she brings the best policies for fixing our nation’s biggest problems.

Q: Hillary is regularly prosecuted by the public for her history of flip-flopping on issues. What makes her stances valid now?
A: I believe that human beings are allowed to evolve their opinions. A number of politicians have changed their views on gay marriage, abortion and other progressive issues, so I don’t have a problem with Hillary’s evolution on those issues.

Q: How do you feel about VP running mate Tim Kaine? Would you have preferred someone else and why?
A: He definitely wasn’t the most progressive choice, but I understand her strategy behind picking him. There are a lot more moderates/independents who Hillary needs to get on her side rather than people who disagree with her from the left.

Q: Hillary’s foreign policy is seen as more militaristic than President Obama’s and is not the most favorable in China. How do you think these issues will form her potential foreign relations?
A: It’s actually not more militaristic than President Obama’s. She served as his Secretary of State so she played a huge role in carrying out his foreign policy decisions.

Q: Thoughts on the e-mails?
A: “I’m sick and tired of hearing about her e-mails.” But really. The FBI found no wrongdoing, so I don’t understand why it’s still an issue for some people.

Q: There have been many public and private scandals within Hillary’s time under the political scope (the Monica incident, the confidential e-mails, Trump’s friendship and private conversations with the Clintons). It has taken a lot of work to get her to where she is today. So, with all of these skeletons in her closet and conspiracy theories, regardless which are true and which are not, Hillary has proven to be strategic. Do you think being this strategic as well as her attempts to be secretive would hurt her ability to be an effective President and be honest with the American people?
A: I think it’s horrible for people to say she’s an unfit leader because of her husband’s indiscretions. Despite the “skeletons” in her closet, Hillary has very high approval ratings when she is actually holding a position. It’s when she’s running for one that people begin to lash out against her. Hillary is a much better public servant than a typical “politician.” She might not be as charismatic as her husband is on the campaign trail, but I’d rather have a President who can actually get the job done than one who just schmoozes well.

Q: Are you a “Never Trump” or a constant supporter of Hillary?
A: I think Trump would be a dangerous President and Hillary would make an excellent President.

Q: What do you want “Never Hillary” voters to know?
A: I want them to realize that Bernie and Hillary are a lot more alike than different, that a Trump presidency would make our country worse and that many of the critiques against Hillary are not based in fact or fairness.


Disclaimer: The political views presented in this article do not necessarily reflect the views of Not Another Millennial Blog.

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