Why Donald Trump is Unfit to be President

Author: #NAMB Guest Author, Current Events/Politics

A great deal of Donald Trump’s supporters are uneducated, leading you to shake your head but not become surprised when you find out they plan to vote for the abhorrent liar come November.

But there are many other Trump supporters who are coastal elites with college degrees and/or advanced degrees, yet still plan to vote for a man who had to reverse course on his pledge to order American soldiers to commit war crimes.

If I listed all the reasons why Donald Trump—a man who insinuated President Obama was being complicit with ISIS —is unfit to be President, this article would be far too long. So here’s the tip of the iceberg…

Nearly everything he says is a lie
When you watch one of Trump’s speeches, you’re taken aback by his unpreparedness, his ridiculing of the media and his generally unhinged behavior. But the scariest part of his speeches are the lies—the ones his supporters eat up and fact-checkers spit back out after disproving them.

Lying is part of Trump’s fear-mongering nature (which we’ll get to below), and a glimpse at Politifact presents you with dozens of Trump’s “pants on fire” statements—lies that are especially blatant.

Among Trump’s recent lies are claims that the Obama administration supported Al-Qaeda, that crime in America is rising, that Hillary Clinton wants to “release the violent criminals” and that he wasn’t familiar with David Duke—a white supremacist he had disavowed two days prior.

The above lies help Trump when he is…

Trump’s overarching theme—”Make America Great Again”—is laughable when you stop and listen to what he says on a daily basis. He’s not trying to unite the country, he’s trying to divide it.

In the process, Trump has helped to escalate violence in and around his rallies and has duped many Americans into believing the lies he adeptly scares them with.

One of Trump’s worst offenses came after the recent mass shooting in Orlando, where his first order of business was to “appreciate the congrats” for being right about Islamic terrorism. Simply appalling.

He’s a Xenophobe
While there are level-headed and/or educated people who will vote for Trump, his bread and butter is his appeal to the lowest common denominator of society—people who are intolerant of those who aren’t like them.

Trump shouts about the danger of Syrian refugees, talks about building a wall to keep Mexicans out of the country and often insinuates all Islamic people are radicals. And many of his supporters eat it up.

In the New York Times this past February, Lynn Vavreck dug through some scary exit poll data from the South Carolina primary. She found that only 69% of Trump supporters disagreed with the notion that the white race was a superior race, and 20% disagreed with Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation that freed the slaves.

He has no cogent policy ideas
Even if you can get past the fact that Trump is a lyingracistfascistsexistxenophobicfear-monger whose temperament is downright scary, I don’t see how it’s possible to get past the fact that his policy ideas are a mess.

Just to mention a few, Trump’s thoughts on trade, the economy, the environment and foreign policy (specifically his absurd ‘wall in Mexico’ idea) are a total disaster. We won’t delve in to his other horrendous foreign policy ideas since we’d be here all day.

He has no experience
Trump prides himself on not being a political insider, on not having to answer to lobbyists and on the unconventional way he’s run his campaign.

And while his candidacy has been a breath of fresh air to those who abhor intellectual discourse, the fact remains that he has zero political experience. Someone in the White House with a rational temperament and no experience would be scary enough. Trump being there would make me want to leave the country.

That brings us to one of my pet peeves: when people attempt to lump Hillary Clinton in with Donald Trump.

Hillary Clinton isn’t the most likable person on Earth, she may have an air of entitlement and she can come across as robotic when she’s not in close, town-hall type settings.

But Hillary is highly qualified, has actionable progressive ideas, is striving to unify the country and is someone whose access to the nuclear codes wouldn’t lead to the majority of the country curling up in the fetal position out of fear.

Deciding between Trump and Hillary isn’t choosing the lesser of two evils. It’s a choice between a man who is dangerously unhinged and unqualified and a woman who is temperamentally sound and highly qualified. Choose wisely, or as Trump says, we might not have a country left.


Disclaimer: The political views presented in this article do not necessarily reflect the views of Not Another Millennial Blog.

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