10 Awesome Beatles Tracks You Might Not Know

Author: Danny Abriano, Entertainment

The Beatles transformed the music world and had an enormous impact on Western Civilization as a whole.

While you might instinctively sing the “woos” in I Saw Her Standing There, the Beatles’ catalogue is so vast that there are likely dozens of gems you don’t know. And that’s where we come in!

Here are ten awesome Beatles tracks you might not be familiar with, until now, along with some more tidbits about the Fab Four…

You Can’t Do That (1964)
John Lennon was the de facto leader of the group, but he was self conscious about his guitar playing to the point where he would instruct cameramen to not film him when playing solos. Here, though, Lennon rips through a rollicking guitar solo to go along with his lung-busting vocal.

Words Of Love (1964)
If not for Buddy Holly, the Beatles might never have existed. Their name was a play on the name of Holly’s band (The Crickets), and they do him justice with this cover. It’s worth a listen for George Harrison’s guitar intro alone.

The Night Before (1965)
Lots of Paul McCartney’s songs revolve around pining about lost or failing love, but unlike his sappier ones (Yesterday chief among them), he channels his pain into a rocker here.

Girl (1965)
The Beatles transformed after meeting Bob Dylan in the summer of 1964 and getting turned on to marijuana, and that transformation is evident on the Rubber Soul album, which Girl appears on. And yes, they’re singing “tit tit tit” in the background vocals on purpose.

Love You To (1966)
George Harrison was the most spiritual Beatle and one whose experimentation with different instrumentation helped vault them forward in the mid-60s. Harrison’s lyrics here are simple but mesmerizing, and his sitar playing is divine.

Baby, You’re A Rich Man (1967)
If you’ve seen The Social Network, you might recognize this song from the end credits. Lennon and McCartney combined two unfinished songs they had and turned it into this psychedelic masterpiece.

Happiness Is A Warm Gun (1968)
This is Lennon at his most biting, ostensibly singing a song about a gun when it’s actually about sex. The censors caught on, though, and it was banned by the BBC.

I Want You (She’s So Heavy) (1969)
Nearly eight minutes long and featuring incredibly simple lyrics, I Want You stands out because of the scintillating guitar playing, synthesizer, organ, and brilliant drumming from Ringo Starr. This song is badass.

You Know My Name (Look Up The Number) (1970)
McCartney has called this his favorite Beatles track, and it’s easy to see why. It starts off normally but soon morphs into Lennon and McCartney using different voices, screaming, and ultimately growling. In other words, these are not the Beatlemaniac-era Beatles.

Two Of Us (1970)
McCartney said this song was about him and his first wife, Linda. But listening to it, as he and Lennon share the vocals and sing about “chasing paper” and “getting nowhere,” it sounds more like a tribute to his partnership with Lennon, which was nearing an end.

What are some Beatles tracks you think are underappreciated?

15 thoughts on “10 Awesome Beatles Tracks You Might Not Know

  1. I think “Rain” is one of those under appreciated songs, recorded towards the end of their touring era, and I think The Beatles were just plain tired, and you can hear it in some of their songs.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Tomorrow Never Knows. Considering the primitive state of recording equipment at the time, it’s a masterpiece.


  3. BECAUSE (The harmonies r just incredible)

    Mr Moonlight (Just love John screaming the title as the opening….its just such a romantic

    Follow the Sun (Just mesmerizing lyrics & music)


  4. The Inner Light is a gem and Tomorrow Never Knows is awesome. She Said is quite a masterpiece and quite prolific. It shows Johns emotions at the time. I love the melody of Here Comes The Dun King.


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