Why Are You Spending a Lot On Wine?

Adulting, Author: Michelle Ioannou

No but really, why are you spending more than $20 for a bottle? You’re already paying off your student loans. You’re already paying more than you should for rent. We learned last week that budgets are super important. Well, cutting back on the amount you spend on wine is something that your budget will thank you for.

Yes, I get it, there are plenty of delicious wines that cost more than $20, but there are plenty of delicious wines that cost less than $20. It seems silly to spend more when you can get something just as good, if not better tasting, at a lesser price. Here are some great tasting wine brands that you should be drinking. Your wallet will thank you (and so will your taste buds!).

This is my family’s favorite. All kidding aside though, any family event, there’s some form of white and red bottles of Kendall-Jackson. Those of us ranging from our early twenties to eighties will enjoy a glass or eight. To give you an example of prices, their Avant Chardonnay goes for about $17 a bottle and their Vintner’s Reserve Pinot Noir goes for $20 a bottle.


There’s a solid chance this was your go-to in college, but why do you have to stop there? It’s good, inexpensive wine. Relive your college days or just unwind with these wines. A bottle of this wine will usually cost you under $10. Sounds like a steal to us! Plus, they even have bubbly!


I personally haven’t tried this one but it comes highly recommended from my BFF who loves wine more than anyone else I know. Her favorites from this California wine company are Rosso, the red wine, and the Chardonnay. Bottles usually cost you under $10 as well.


Italian wine for under $20? It does exist! If you don’t believe me because I’m very much not Italian, that’s fine, because this wine comes recommended from one of our own writers, Danny Abriano, who is Italian. Ruffino has a large assortment of both red and white wines, and can cost you under $20.



Technically not entirely wine, but adding it to the list anyway because it blows my mind how many people don’t know the deliciousness of this sangria. Yago Sant’Gria is another staple at any family party; I’m not even kidding when I say I have aunts specifically asking for it on Thanksgiving. It’s that good folks. We’re usually able to find it at a warehouse store such as BJs or Costco for under $20. Add some fruit to it and you’re all set!


Have you already tried any of these brands, or do you have another that is your favorite (and inexpensive)? Tweet us at @NotAMBlog and let us know!

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