Your Finance Cheat Sheet

Adulting, Author: Michelle Ioannou

Not all of us are good at finance. In fact, not all of us even understand finance. No, it’s not because we’re dumb millennials — it’s because we’re human beings and we’re unfortunately not perfect. This situation, of course, raises an important question as to how are we supposed to be responsible with our money when we don’t even know where to start?

Well fellow millennials, here’s a little cheat sheet full of great assets for you to utilize to better understand finance.

You’re already on Twitter, so why not follow financial advisors? Plus, some of these advisors tailor their work specifically towards millennials. You can get financial advice in 140 characters or less, plus sometimes they even tweet out other free resources to help you. Unsure of who to follow? Douglas A. Boneparth and Winnie Sun are a great start!

With podcasts all the rage, why not spend some time listening to ones that can help you with your finance skills? You can drive to work and better understand finance at the same time.

You Need A Budget
Yes fellow millennials, we (most likely) unfortunately do need a budget—and this podcast is upfront with you about it, which in turn will help you budget.

Listen, Money Matters! 
That name grabbed your attention, didn’t it? Mine too. It gets better. If you go to their website, in big letters it says “manage your money like a badass.” Interested yet? You should be.

Do you prefer reading to listening to podcasts, or enjoy doing both? Here are some fun blogs for you to read—and yes, I did just refer to finance blogs as fun.

Millennial Money Man 
Don’t be fooled by the name, this blog is very much applicable to women too—and, well, the name is pretty self-explanatory. This blog has been featured on Huffington Post, Elite Daily, Forbes and many more, so you know it’s legit.

Budgets Are Sexy
Before I continue, do you see a trend with budgets here? Budgets are so crucial, and sexy (of course). There are plenty of ways to save money shared on this blog, as well as free budget templates.

Broke Millennial
Raise your hand if this sounds like you! You are not alone. I repeat, you are not the only broke millennial in this world. This blog will not only show you that there are others in similar situations to you, but also show ways to stop being broke.

There’s an app for that! But really…there are many apps out there to help you budget (ah, that key word again!) and keep track of your finances. Mint is arguably the most common money manager that I know of, used by many of my friends (I should probably download it as well, right?).

Ah yes, the good ‘ole fashion book! Of course, there are loads of books out there to help you with your finances — and no, I’m not talking about Personal Finance For Dummies, which of course does exist. There are much more interesting, millennial-targeted finance books out there for you to read and enjoy. For instance, check out Millennial Money: How Young Investors Can Build A Fortune and Smart is the New Rich: Money Guide for Millennials.

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